About: The 10th standard is an essential stage or can be considered as a golden stage in the life of a student as he/she completes schooling and goes to college for higher education. It is that stage where the student decided which stream he/she has to choose to ensure a secured future.

There are 3 main streams available for the student that is science, arts, commerce. Getting confused is quite normal. These pressures suppress the aims and desire to pursue the desired course. Peer pressure is a big thing that influences students often. They think my friend is going in this stream even ill go there, but this is the turning point of life from where your actual journey starts hence you need to be selfless and go where your interest and heart say to go.

Which stream to choose after 10th

This article gives detailed information about different streams available and to choose the one according to one’s liking.

Which stream to choose after 10th


Science is a field wherein the students aspiring for medical, engineering, the scientist goes in for. This stream requires dedication towards studies as it is not, but yes, the ones who are interested in it can easily walkthrough. The students choosing this field must be very clear in their minds that they want to pursue a career in engineering, medical, pharmacy, or equivalent courses. Also, the investment in this is much higher than the other two.

The course duration os engineering is of 4 years equivalent to any professional course. For engineering, you need to get a degree from any reputed colleges only, and for that, the candidate must appear for CET, JEE, JEE-MAINS, etc. there are very limited seats for engineering in reputed colleges. Hence you need to be the best.

For medical, the course duration is anywhere for about 10 years and may vary depending on the particular course selected. The fees are also very high for private colleges whereas in government colleges the fees are slightly less than private ones. The medical field is also one where utter dedication is required as it takes upon the life of humans, and hence, any mistake is not entertained. You need to be well settled in your mind that you want to do this.

Subjects in science are physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and vocational courses like information technology, computer science, electronics.


Commerce is the safest and most sought stream after the 10th. There are plenty of job options available in commerce like .C.A., C.S., CFA, finance consultant, and many more. Each of these needs a separate undergraduate degree alongside like BCOM, BAF, etc. they have to appear for an entrance exam as well which aren’t easy. You either pass and get a good company, or else you fail. The ratio of failure to pass is 30:70.

These degree courses can boost your career to errands. These are one of the most respectable jobs in our society today and give you a lot with a little less investment than engineering and medical courses. The subjects in commerce are economics, law, accounts, audit, tax, marketing, etc.


Arts are evolving nowadays as it holds many exciting career options. They are fashion designing, event management, interior designing, psychology, etc. jobs are very less, and those with exceptional creativity only can survive. Subjects in the arts are history, literature, psychology, political science, economics, etc.


  • Aptitude tests – 

When in doubt aptitude tests are your best friends. They help you in finding where your interest lies. Applying to their decision or no is all on you, but yes they can be helpful at some point. These tests show which subjects/questions you solved with accuracy and without struggling, whereas where you struggled. There are various sites available online as well for these tests, and one can evaluate themselves.

  • Research – 

Research on all the courses offered. Its future sco[e and then go for the most appropriate one. All the details are mentioned above in this article itself.

See which one suits you and go for it.

  • Counselors are your best friends – 

Educational counselors are meant to guide you when you are at any doubt. They will also talk to your parents and explain everything in detail as both students and parents are involved. Also, you can talk to your school teacher if they are aware of things in the details of the current scenario. School teachers know you inside out and can guide you better than anyone else.

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