Tips to Score 40+ in SSC CHSL General Intelligence : With the commencement of SSC CHSL, students must be looking for ways to enhance their score. The Tier 1 examination of SSC CHSL consists of four sections – General Intelligence, Quantitative Aptitude, General English, and General Awareness. The section of General Intelligence which tests the logical ability and the presence of mind of the aspirants is one of the trickiest sections.

However, with the tips discussed below, you can increase your score in the General Intelligence section of SSC CHSL exam.

How to Maximize Your Score in SSC CHSL General Intelligence Section

  1. Start with the basics: You should focus on understanding the concepts of the topics and then try to solve the application-based questions by implementing the basic concepts.
  2. Use the process of elimination: If you are stuck in a question where you are confused between two options, use the process of elimination to arrive at the correct option.
  3. Going through the question is a must before solving it: However basic it may sound, but reading the question carefully is a must as you can arrive at the solution only by using the data present in the question. You are not allowed to make any assumption in these questions.
  4. Focus more on question sets: Your primary focus should be on questions which are asked in sets such as puzzles and coding-decoding as you can solve 4-5 questions by solving the logic only once. Only after you have solved these questions, you should move to the miscellaneous questions.
  5. Keep track of your performance: You can use the test series of Gradeup, which will immensely help you in monitoring your performance. After you attempt the mock tests, analyze the mock tests and go through your mistakes. The report contains a detailed analysis, which lets you know about the weak and strong areas. Improve your speed on solving topics which lie in your comfort zone and utilise the remaining time to improve on the areas where you are lagging.

Now, let us take a look at some of the important topics of General Intelligence, which are important from the examination perspective.

Most Important Topics in the General Intelligence Section

There are two categories of questions asked in the General Intelligence section – verbal and non-verbal. The most commonly asked topics include the following:

  • Verbal Reasoning: Questions are given to the students in language form, from where they need to detect the data and solve the question. The types of questions included in this category are series based questions, order and ranking, analogy, puzzles, and classification. The other category includes data sufficiency questions and inference-based questions such as statement and conclusion and statement and assertion. As these questions require a significant portion of time, that is why aspirants need to keep a check on the time while solving such questions.
  • Non-verbal Reasoning: The type of questions in this section includes pattern completion, mirror image, water image, matrix, paper folding and cutting, counting of figures, dice pattern, syllogism, etc. Though this section is easy to solve and is very scoring, aspirants tend to make silly mistakes in this section. So, they are advised to cautiously approach this section.

There are a total of 25 questions asked in the General Intelligence section. Mentioned below is a tabular representation of the important topics along with the estimated number of questions asked from each of these topics:

Name of the Topic Expected Number of Questions
Puzzles 4-5
Syllogism 1-2
Seating arrangement 4-5
Data sufficiency 3-4
Coding-decoding 3-4
Blood relations 2-3
Visual reasoning 3-4
Statement, assumption, and conclusion 1-2
Total 25

The tips to improve the score in the General Intelligence section and the important topics can only serve your purpose if you have the right study materials. For that, you need a list of the best books, which are listed below.

Suggested Books to Ace the General Intelligence Section

  1. A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning by R. S. Agarwal: This book prepares the candidates for competitive exams by teaching them faster, shorter, and easier approaches for solving questions in minimum time. The revised edition of this book has a collection of memory-based questions from various competitive exams, along with their answers. In addition to the questions based on the latest pattern, there are also many practice questions as well as solved examples.
  2. Analytical Reasoning by M.K.Pandey: This is the only book which attempts to build concepts of reasoning before arriving at the questions. Along with offering crystal-clear concepts of the topics, faster techniques to solve the questions have been offered in this book. New chapters have been added to cover the latest trends and topics.
  1. Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A K Gupta: With this book, you can master the concepts of verbal and analytical reasoning. The book is divided into several chapters, where every topic has been explained in depth. Also, many practice questions have been added at the end of each topic to prepare students with every possible question type.

We hope that this strategy of solving the General Intelligence section will prove to be useful to the aspirants of SSC CHSL. It is one of the easiest sections to score if you solve questions by following a specific strategy.

Enhancing your score in this section will improve your overall score of the exam and help you in clearing the examination.

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